Heart Disease
Medicine Safety Quiz
Learn how to better manage your medicines by taking this quiz.
Medicine Interaction Quiz
True or false: An interaction between alcohol and a medicine can lead to extreme drowsiness and other effects. Do you know the answer to this and other questions about medicine interaction?
Taking Medications
All About Blood Pressure Medication
Several kinds of medicine are commonly prescribed for high blood pressure. Here are some of the main types.
When You’re Taking Heart Medications
These medications are life-giving and powerful. It's important to take them just as your doctor has prescribed.
Medications for Coronary Artery Disease
These medications make it easier to take care of coronary artery disease. They have helped many people stay healthy and avoid heart attacks.
All About Cholesterol-Lowering Medicines
There are 5 main types of cholesterol-lowering medications.
Heart Disease: Managing Multiple Medications
Whether you take prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicine or both, there are important guidelines to follow to get the most from them.
Did You Take Your Blood Pressure Medicine Today?
When you miss a dose of your blood pressure medicine, you might not notice a difference. But your body does.
Heart Disease: Considering Cold Relief
Colds and the flu can be serious for people with heart disease.